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Chimei Museum Permanent Exhibition Full Admission


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Chimei Museum is renowned for its collections of Western Arts, music instruments, armory, taxidermy and fossils. These 4000 plus collections make up of roughly a third of all exhibits. Museum founder Mr. Wen-Long Shi has said, “Great collections shouldn’t be kept private, but to share it with the world; collections shouldn’t be about my tastes but it should be suitable for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.”

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Chimei Museum Permanent Exhibit Halls:

Fine Arts Hall

13th to 20th Century paintings, aim to educate the public on the history and development of Western arts.


Rodin Gallery

An exhibit that focuses on Auguste Rodin, his teachers, his peers and his students. A peek into the creative minds during the Rodin era of the late 19th and early 20th century.


Natural History and Fossils

Taxidermies and fossils from all 5 continents, a representation of life, history and nature

Musical Instruments – The Violin Exhibit

The hall exhibits the best hand-crafted instruments and  categorizes violins and string instruments according to world-renowned luthiers, their lineage, and their respective geographical regions.


Musical Instruments

 “Ethnic Musical Instrument Hall”, “Orchestra Hall” and “Music Tech” are 3 exhibits that provide an in-depth look at how culture, customs and technology drove music to what it is today.


Sculpture Hall

From ancient Greek, to Rome to the 20th centur, the exhibit is a trail into the past to all things sculpture.


Arms and Amour

The exhibit collects the ancient weaponry of the world, from the past we can see the glimpse of their influence into the industrial and technologies of today.

Scan the QR Code at the ticketing booth for entry.

※Opening Hours:

  • Outdoor Park 09:00-18:30 (free of charge)
  • Chimei Museum 09:30-17:30 (Last Entry 17:00)

 ※Closed On:

  • Every Wednesday
  • Chinese New Years Eve
  • Other closing dates will be announced at the Museum

 ※Exhibition reminders:

  • The entire area (including outdoor park and museum) is a smoke-free zone.
  • The area surrounding the museum, including outdoor park, is a no-fly zone. Sky lanterns, fireworks, kits, drones and any other floating or flying objects are prohibited.
  • No pets allowed in the museum (Except for in service guide dogs)
  • Long pointy objects, umbrellas and anything larger than A3 in size is prohibited within the exhibition.
  • Do not eat or drink, video taping (Apart from specially allocated areas) within the exhibit. Please keep your voice down.
  • For the purposes of preservation of our collection, the air conditioning within the museum is set quite low, please dress accordingly. Do not dress in ill-mannered attire, avoid sandals, roller-blades. Do not travel using skateboards or bicycles within the museum.
  • Please enter according to our terms and conditions. The museum holds the right to deny entry to those deemed a safety concern or disorderly.
  • You may be held liable if any collections or properties are damaged; the museum hold the right to claim damages.
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