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NMNS was one of the 12 cultural development plans announced on 1977 A.D. and was the first to be accomplished among the three science museum.

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The theme of the Main Building is based on technologies, lifelike science. Arts and People . It was divided into four different phases. The first is space theater, second is the life science hall, third is the human culture and the fourth is the global environment hall.

The science center wants to encourage people to actually do it themselves and be a part of it and inspire the interest of researches. Through scientific, challenging, entertaining and exploring activities and shows, they exert the educational function of the museum. The space theater on the first floor started in 1986, having the first fully surrounded IMAX dome theater in Taiwan and the optical starlight scope from GOTO provides an star sky and brings a special and unique experience to people in Taiwan.

The hall of life science is designed based on the mystery of mother nature, using 13 to present the phenomenon and the evolution of nature. The hall introduces the emerge of different types of life vividly, starting from the origin of all lives and to the evolution and adaption, even discuss about the birth till the death of a life, or worse, the extinction.

The human culture hall is based on the world culture, the Chinese science and culture and the Oceania. There are seven main topic which includes Chinese medicines, Chinese science and technology, the agricultural lifestyle, storytelling from historic characters, the mind and soul of a Chinese, and the aboriginals of the Oceania and Taiwan. The topics allow us to witness the inventions before us and get a chance to experience the evolution of human culture.

The global environment hall includes a bird’s eyes view theater, an environment theater, a 3 dimensional theater, a micro world and life, the nature habitat of Taiwan and a long distance observatory of astronomy of Tibetan Plateau. It also has exhibitions that cover from up in the sky to down the ground and deep into the ocean, and themes about human and the environment even theme about the preservation of organism.

The botanic garden is mainly about the special habitat of lo w sea level and tropical rainforest in Taiwan. It has landscapes of habitats that represents the most about Taiwan, to show the fun and features of the specific habitat.

※Reminder, extra ticket is required to enter the space theater and the 3 dimensional theater.

Address No. 1, Guanqian Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone 04-23226940
Remark ⮚ Hours: Closed on Monday (except for summer vacation, winter vacation and National Holidays and Make-up days)
⮚ Closed on New Year’s Eve. Open partially on Chinese New Year’s first day.


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