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The purpose of the museum was to construct the concept of ""Yilan is a museum"". The exhibition venue provides an analogy to Yilan's unique geographical space experience, a structural metaphor of the mountains, plains and sea in Lanyang.

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The theme of the permanent exhibition, according to the logic of the building floor and attitude, is planned to be a four-story design which is “The Mountain” on the fourth floor, “The Plains” on the third floor, “The Ocean” on the second floor and a “Time Gallery” on the first floor. They show the natural assets and cultural trajectories of Yilan, taking Yilan's rain as the main axis, extending the vast imagination space of the people.

Yilan Archaeology Parent-Child Hall
We hope that children will have the opportunity to be exposed to archaeology from an early age. It is hoped that parents and children will have a better understanding of Yilan’s prehistoric culture and increase the cultivating and legacy of local knowkedge.
The Concept of Display
1. Present the cultural connotation of Yilan’s prehistoric history with illustration, specimens, images, interactions, replicas, etc. Meanwhile, the prehistoric cultural context of Yilan will be compared with the sequence of Taiwan’s prehistoric culture and the archaeology of Yilan will be more important in Taiwan.
2. From Yilan’s geographic environment, archaeological excavations, data sorting to cultural presentations, time, space and objects are summarized to enhance the audience’s understanding of Yilan’s prehistoric culture, archaeological excavations and the general environment and trigger the interest for local culture.
3. The connotation of the exhibition: in addition to the main topic of the exhibition and the expression of each unit, unearthed relics, situational construction and interactive learning will be presented on site to increase the vividness of the exhibition so that the intention of viewing the exhibition will be enhanced.
4. The purpose of the exhibition: From gaze, imagination, empathy, stimulate the audience’s involvement in the exhibition to understand the connotation of Yilan’s prehistoric culture and then feed back into their own life.
Planning the construction of prehistoric cultural spec not only by intervening with empathy but also sometimes break away from its original background and place itself in the past, waiting for the audience to decode and experience by themselves.

Address No. 750, Sec. 3, Qingyun Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone 03-9779700
Remark ● Hours 09:00-17:00 (no ticket selling from 16:30; no admission after 16:50)
● Closed on:
Wednesday (open on national holidays)
Chinese New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year’s first day
Typhoon day-off
The Museum reserves the rights of any change.


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