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This famed art museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. The sculptures are set off by the green grass on which they stand, giving the viewer a feeling of the joining of heaven and earth.

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Located in the north coast’s Jinshan area, Juming Museum is surrounded by mountains, perfectly immersed in the natural environment; it is also the largest sculpture park in Taiwan. The 110,000 square-meter museum is itself the biggest work of the founder, Ju Ming. It took him 12 years to finish this masterpiece; landscaping, planting, architecture, plumbing and electrical engineering were all his own designs. He successfully built a Taiwanese art Utopia by his own hands.

The museum holds the belief of “Sowing art seeds in one’s heart”, dedicated to promoting sculpture art and children’s art education. As visitors set foot in here, they become part of this museum and part of this huge masterpiece in which they can enjoy artworks and embrace the nature, interacting with the mountains and ocean view through the outdoor space in the museum. This is the perfect place for relaxing and immersing in art.

Through the thematic exhibitions, the museum is able to present numerous artworks in front of people and make art a relaxing and joyful leisure activity. Juming Museum has held over 90 exhibitions since 1999 and has grown roots in the local community and the whole of Taiwan with the power of beauty.

In order to create an encouraging environment for kids to approach art and creativity, the museum established the “Children Art Center” in 2007, with different kid’s art classes and activities. The goal is to  developed the 5 senses of kids through interaction between the natural environment and artwork, and also develop their creativity and critical thinking skills through active learning methods.

Address No. 2, Xishihu, Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City
Phone 02 2498 9940
Remark Hours: 10:00~17:00 (last entry at 16:00);
closed every Monday except on National Holidays; closed for 10~20 days before Lunar New Year. Please check that the museum is open before setting out.


Take a Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Crown Northeast Coast Route bus to Juming Museum.

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