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At the beginning of the 17th century, the Dutch used a combination of military and businessmen to occupy today's Anping in 1624 and built Fort Zeelandia as a fortress. All the works were completed in 1634.

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The History of Fort Zeelandia:

*1624 The city wall was built on the old site of Yikunzhuyan. Due to the lack of masonry and building materials, it was first built with sand and wood planks, which was called Oronia City.
*1627 The name was changed to Fort Zeelandia, and the wall materials were gradually changed to bricks.
*1633 The construction of Fort Zeelandia was completed, which was the initial Fort Taiwan. The scale of the city was two hundred and seventy-seven feet and six chis wide, and more than three chis high. It was divided into three levels and consisted of inner and outer profiles.
*1662 After Zheng, Cheng-Gong took Fort Zeelandia, it was renamed Anping Town, and the inner city was changed to the inner government. He died after five months, and Taiwanese called it the "royal city".
*1823 The land of Taijiang raised and the geographical position of the royal gradually lost its importance.
*1874 Japan sent troops to invade Taiwan (known as Peony Incident in history), and the Qing government sent Shen Bao-Zhen to defend Taiwan.
*1895 Taiwan ceded to Japan, set up Anping branch office, under the Tainan office.
*1897 Because of the lack of dormitory land in Anping Customs, the Japanese flattened part of the city of Fort Zeelandia and built a three-story brick platform on it.
*1908 The round white lighthouse made of iron shell built at the port of Anping in the reign of Emperor Guangxu was relocated to the northwest side of the brick platform and was guarded by personnel to guide ships at sea with a flash in 4 seconds.
*1930 In preparation for the celebration of the "Three Hundred Years of Taiwanese Culture", the Japanese Government demolished the official and civil residences surrounding the brick platform and converted the mansion on the platform into a venue for exhibitions and entertaining guests, which is now the museum of Anping Fort historical site.
*1935 The Japanese bought a house on the west side of Fort Zeelandia Museum based on a map of the site of Fort Zeelandia drawn by Kuriyama, demolished and carried out large-scale excavation work and discovered the foundation of the corner fort in the southwest of the city. It was terminated due to the Sino-Japanese War.
*1975 In line with the Tourism Year plan, the Tainan City Government renovated the environment and added a pointed roof to the observation deck. The wall was painted white, which is the existing Anping Fort.

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