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The building of MOCA Taipei was built during the Japanese occupation, and is now protected as a historical site. The structure is laced with red bricks and wooden truss in the interior.

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MOCA Taipei is a perfect combination of arts, history and technology. The purpose is to breathe creativity into Taipei, to promote arts within the communities and to revitalize historical sites with technology. Letting a historical site act as a modern exhibition space is the culmination of history and modernity.

The vast exhibition forms in MOCA Taipei includes photography, films, other visual realization works, architectures and visual designs. Exhibitors from across the globe often collaborate on their exhibition to provide the space with exhibits that both honors locality and internationality. Furthermore, MOCA Taipei also hold events for educational promotion such as lectures, art tours, forums and seminars. MOCA Taipei also provide workshops and camps according to different age groups and preferences to create a better environment the creative arts. Next time you are in Taipei, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this charming museum, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of the modern arts.


 (Information provided by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications )

Address No. 39, Chang’an W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City
Phone 02-25523721


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