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National Museum of Prehistory _ Peinan Cultural Park

Peinan Cultural Park is a place with prehistory cultures, aboriginals’ history and natural landscapes and view. The park not only acts as an educational and research center but also a great place to enjoy the nature during leisure time.

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Peinan Cultural Park sits at the Peinan Mountain, with tourist information center, natural environment landscapes, exhibition halls and archaeology site, it’s the biggest national archaeology museum in Taiwan. The biggest feature is it tends to preserve the heritages on site to promote the heritages.

The indoor spaces includes tourist center and exhibitions halls. People get to understand the culture of Peinan through the exhibitions. It also has a semi-outdoor exhibition area, providing interacting archaeology studies. Kids can understand the process by doing it themselves. It also has special exhibitions for prehistory, aboriginals cultures and environment form time to time.

The outdoor exhibition area includes the heritage site and aboriginals living domains. The archaeology site shows the result at site right in fornt of you so don’t miss the chance to observe closely. The moon shaped stone is located behind the train station and it’s the only prehistory heritage preserved unmoved. It has been sitting there for over 3000 years. There’re observatory located at the east and west part of the park, so visitors can observe the Dulan Mountain, Jili plain and Taitung Plain. The eastern one sits rights next to the train station, and it’s at the best spot for the cultural heritages. The western one is located at the highest spot in the park. Three coffins were discovered during the operation and it’s copies are now presented at the spot.

The outdoor space is organized for aboriginal cultures exhibition area. It shows the diversity of cultures in the park through showing the villages, houses, food and plants and religions area. Promoting the environmental education and simulating the prehistory environment are also features of the park. Using the plants, animals, views and landscapes in the park, it provides an area for public natural environment and preservation of nature educations.

Address No. 200, Wenhuagongyuan Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Remark  Hours: Tues. -Sun. 09:00-17:00
 Closed on Mon. (except for National Holidays, Make-Up Holidays and Election Days)
 Closed on Chinese New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year.


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