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National Museum of Nature Science - Chelungu Fault Preservation Park

Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park was built and run by the National Museum of Nature Science. The anthropology team dug the groove themselves and revealed world class fault to the world.

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The fault trench preservation hall
The groove is the most important part to the studying the fault. Geologist understands the situation of the earthquake through studying the groove.

The Electronic World
Electricity is an important source of energy in our lives, but have you wonder how it was first discovered and being used in our daily lives? Let’s find out here in the electronic world.

Geology Hall
921 earthquake is one of the most devastating earthquake that struck Taiwan and the main cause of the earthquake is the movement of Chelungpu Fault.

Machine Records
Through the records made by words and machine, we have lots of educational resources of the earthquakes that happened in the last 400 years.

Address No. 345, Sec. 2, Jishan Rd., Zhushan Township, Nantou County 557, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone 049-2623108轉105
Remark ⮚Hours: Tues. – Sun. 09:00-17:00 (no admission after 16:30)
⮚Closed on Mon. ( except for Summer and Winter Vacation, National Holidays and Make-Up Holidays.)
⮚Closed on Chinese New Year’s Eve


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